Program Benefits


The objective of the Nursing Bridge Program (NBP) is to bring the nurses of South Asia at par with their western counterpart. The NBP focuses on improving clinical knowledge, exposes the nurses to the latest innovation in the relevant field, gives basic knowledge on computer, and helps acquire critical thinking ability. Mode of communication in the class is in English, complementing the nursing module students are exposed to different levels of English module depending on their existing English language proficiency level.

With a truly global perspective, the NBP uplift the standards of nursing practice in hospitals and other organizations. On completion of the course the clinical competence level is enhanced thereby benefitting the nurses in their professional growth, development, inter-professional approach and communication skills. Overall, it leads to better quality healthcare and patient outcomes. Nurses who go through this program perform better at their jobs.

The modules are usually selected upon the needs and demands of the hospital. Students have to first take an assessment exam. Based on the result of the assessment exam and the need of the organization AKKHT and the respective organization will jointly select appropriate program modules for a specific batch.

The objective is to cover each area of nursing in sufficient detail to achieve the following objectives:

  • Completing a review of the content.
  • Building critical thinking and clinical judgment skills
  • Building nurses into leaders of patient care
  • Developing communication skills so that nurses could be able to communicate effectively with doctors, peers and patients.