• The project builds on the Nursing Bridge Programme (NBP) basic curriculum and oncology modules.
  • The advanced curriculum for the care of patients undergoing cancer treatments and bone marrow transplantation have been developed by expert nurses at MGH who are offering direct care to cancer and BMT patients and are educating nurses to care for the complex and comprehensive needs of cancer and BMT patients and their families.
  • The ESNTP curriculum is delivered by NBP faculty of AKKHT, Nursing Faculty of DUCN, physicians at the DMCH, Nurse Fellows from the MGH Centre for Global Health and expert nurses from the Inpatient and Outpatient Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant Units at MGH.
  • Senior nurses at MGH and Simmons College, including expert staff nurses, clinical nurse specialists, and nurse practitioners (NPs: mid level care providers, known as physician assistants) will be available for targeted on-site consultation in Dhaka and will be available to consult with NBP/DMCH nurses on clinical issues via technology.