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The A. K. Khan Healthcare Trust (AKKHT) is a private not-for-profit organization established in 2009 by Mr. A K Shamsuddin Khan, the Chairman of A K Khan & Co Ltd, a leading business house in Bangladesh. (AKK website link)

The AK Khan Healthcare Trust (AKKHT) believes that development of healthcare facilities and workers is critical to the development of Bangladesh and is dedicated to the social welfare, health and education of those most vulnerable in our society.

The Trust’s mission is improvement in the quality and accessibility of healthcare services in Bangladesh for all class of people.

The objective of the Trust is to implement a series of self- sustainable interrelated and complementary health care initiatives that will have substantial positive impact on the quality and accessibility of health care services. To achieve this objective the Trust has formed collaborative alliances with leaders in health care delivery and education to develop initiatives focused on healthcare for those most often disenfranchised, women, and the cadre of healthcare providers who hold promise to improving health for the community, the professional nurse.