Pilot programme with MGH

Pilot programme with MGH

A K Khan Healthcare Trust (AKKHT) in partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Centre for Global Health (CGH) under the direction of Dr. Bimalangshu Dey and Dr. AK Goodman, developed and implemented a pilot program to provide patient and health care personnel education, accompanied by community-based prevention, screening and treatment for cervical cancer where the girls and women live; in the urban slums of Dhaka.

Activities completed under the pilot programme:

  • Conduct epidemiological surveillance of the households of the Korail Slum to identify girls, boys, and women who may be eligible for the WCSP or HPV vaccination; educate the families (men and boys included) about cervical cancer and other cancers related to HPV infection; invite them to participate in the program; collect and retain confidential data on these women and girls.
  • Provide a team of trained healthcare professionals and the necessary medical equipment in an existing clinic in the Korail Slum; provide cervical cancer education, screening and evaluation, treatment and referral services.
  • Local capacity building through teaching and training of nurses and community health workers.
  • Create and maintain a confidential and secured electronic medical records system. This system will help to ensure robust monitoring and evaluation of the program can be conducted and that patient clinical data can be maintained securely.

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